Mint Postage Stamps


  • Postage Dues. 1954/55 SG D40-45 Unmounted Mint
  • Postage Dues. 1937/38 SG D27-34 Unmounted Mint
  • Sg D27 D34 1937-38 George VI Full set of Postage Dues UNMOUNTED MINT/MNH
  • GB postage unmounted mint £200 worth of £2 stamps in sheets
  • 1924/31 Block Cypher Sg D18, 2/6d Postage Due Unmounted Mint. (TT1573-7)
  • D19-D-26 set x 8 Postage Dues. Fine unmounted mint to 1s value, 2s 6d mad. Fine
  • 1936-7 Edward VIII Postage Due Set of 8 Values ½d 2/6 Sg D19-26 UNMOUNTED MINT
  • D24 5d Edward VIII Postage due Control A36 imperf Blk of 4 UNMOUNTED MINT
  • Sg D40 D45 1954 Tudor Crown Full set of Postage Dues UNMOUNTED MINT/MNH
  • 1914 ½d 2/6d Set of 8 Values Postage Due Sg D19-26 UNMOUNTED MINT V74590
  • Sg D19 D26 1936 Edward VIII set of Postage Dues x 8 values UNMOUNTED MINT